Future Plans

In partnership with Haouz Province’s proposed urban development project for the village of Jemaa Rhmat, the Aghmat Foundation has established as its remaining objectives:

1. The completion of the archaeological research.
2. The completion of the inventory of artifacts.
3. The completion of consolidation and partial restoration of the excavated structures.
4. The establishment of a research center for ongoing research on medieval Aghmat.
5. The establishment of an open air national heritage site and museum.

Archaeological Research

There are two areas within the palace which need to be excavated READ MORE

Inventory of artifacts

The excavation of Aghmat exhumed a large quantity of artifacts… READ MORE

Consolidation and Restoration

Since 2005, the hammam has undergone some restoration each year… READ MORE

Interpretation Center

In 2009, the municipal government of Ghmat launched a project proposal for the restructuring of urban facilities and traffic… READ MORE