Archaeological Team

In the field, the research is under the joint direction of Ronald Messier (Middle Tennessee State University & Vanderbilt University, USA) and Abdullah Fili (Faculty of Arts, University of El Jadidah, Morocco). They have assembled a multinational, multi-disciplinary team of young researchers and students. Together, over the several annual excavation missions, they have succeeded to bring to light the hammam of the city, the palace and its annexes and the Grand Mosque.

Professional Staff (in alphabetical order):

Hakim Ammar
Mustapha Atki
Chloé Capel
Patirce Créssier
Claire Delery
Elarbi Erbati
Aaron Fogel
Violaine Héritier
Mohamed Jettari
Azdine Kara
Hassan Limane
Montasir Loukili
Tariq Madani
Tariq Moujoud
Jean-Pierre Van Staeval
Saad Walid
Abdesselam Zizouni


Dozens of seasonal workers from the village of Jemaa Ghmat


The medieval hammam of Aghmat is one of the oldest and largest in Morocco… READ MORE


The upper level of the palace of the fourteenth century and its dependencies have a plan identical to the typical Andalusian palace… READ MORE

Grand Mosque

Adjoining the palace, according to medieval texts, the Grand Mosque of Aghmat was founded by Wattas ibn Kardûs… READ MORE

Archaeological Team

A multinational, multi-disciplinary team of young researchers and students… MEET THEM ALL

Annual Reports

Check our annual reports… READ MORE