The archaeological mission of Aghmat completed its eighth season in 2012. It has conducted excavations in three different sectors corresponding to three important monuments which can be said to constitute the monumental center of the medieval city of Aghmat: the hammam, the governmental palace and Great Mosque. The city of Aghmat gradually unveils its secrets to archaeologists as part of a unique partnership in which patrons and researchers work together for the benefit of the rediscovery of a key archaeological heritage, contributing to a greater understanding of Moroccan history. Over the course of eight years, the extent of a site which is still largely buried underground has gradually come to light. Ground penetrating radar and magnetometry analysis in agricultural fields on both sides of the old Marrakech road have produced a preliminary image of sub surface remains, not the least of which are the governmental palace, and most recently, the Grand Mosque Wattas.


The medieval hammam of Aghmat is one of the oldest and largest in Morocco… READ MORE


The upper level of the palace of the fourteenth century and its dependencies have a plan identical to the typical Andalusian palace… READ MORE

Grand Mosque

Adjoining the palace, according to medieval texts, the Grand Mosque of Aghmat was founded by Wattas ibn Kardûs… READ MORE

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