In April 2005, the Aghmat Foundation was founded by a group of patrons, under the leadership of Moulay Abdallah Alaoui, a man with a particular passion for the history of Morocco. Recognizing the importance of the site as a national heritage treasure of the Kingdom of Morocco, and sensitive to the need to pursue an archeological study of its context and consolidation measures to stabilize the surviving structures, the Foundation has provided financial support for both archaeological excavations on the site and for the work of conservation and preservation of the excavated remains. In 2009, a partnership agreement was signed between the Aghmat Foundation and the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, which delegates to the Foundation matters of managing archaeological research, conservation and protection of the extant vestiges, and the opening of the site to the public.


Officers and members

President: Moulay Abdallah Allaoui (need current job title)

Secretary General and Project co-director: Abdallah Fili, Professor at the University of al-Jadidah

Treasurer: Ali Nocrakchi, (title at Mifa)

Project Director: Ronald A. Messier (Professor Emeritus at Middle Tennessee State University and retired Senior Lecturer at Vanderbilt University.

Member: Ambassador Frederick Vreeland (former US Ambassador to Morocco, 1990-92.

Member: Mrs. Vanessa Vreeland (mosaic artist).


1. Signing of the convention with the Ministry of Culture delegating the management of the site to the Foundation.
2. The inscription of the hamman as a national heritage resource.
3. The acquisition of 2.5 hectares as a unique archaeological reserve for the Islamic period of Moroccan history.
4. Consolidation and partial restoration of the endangered portions of the hammam and palace.
5. The formation of a multidisciplinary team of researchers.